About CAFE

CAFÉ is an initiative that has been established solely to help you and the other one million contract catering and food service workers around the world employed by Compass, Sodexho and Aramark.

Trade Unions in several countries all over the globe have come together in an international alliance to form CAFÉ to represent your interests within these giant transnational companies.

As the global market continues to grow and these companies get bigger its important that those who work for them are not left behind powerless and without a voice.

CAFÉ gives you the opportunity to link up with hundreds of thousands of your co-workers to ensure that you get treated with fairness and dignity in your workplace.

Your experiences at work are similar if not the same as those of other employees working on the other side of the world.

We all share similar ambitions for ourselves and our families and by joining together we can hope to realise them.

We share the same employer and experiences, the same challenges, the same frustrations and sometimes the same injustices.You can do something to redress this imbalance in power.

Nothing will change unless you help make it change.

By joining you will make your union stronger and enable CAFÉ to sit down with your employer as their equal to make sure that justice, fairness and dignity at work are available to you and every worker whereever they work and whoever they work for.